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Code of Conduct

January 2019

Welcome to the Front Range Marketers Slack channel! This is a place for marketers on the Front Range in Colorado to connect, learn, explore, network and share all things marketing-related on our favorite communication platform. In order to create a work-friendly and professional space, we have developed  few rules to abide by to keep things running smoothly! By being a part of this community, you agree to abide by these guidelines and rules.

  1. Keep it clean, classy and professional. This Slack channel is completely SFW (safe for work). Extreme profanity in words or images will not be tolerated and members who do engage in this kind of behavior will be removed from the channel. Don’t bash your former boss or talk smack about a competitive company, use your best judgement, be smart. Since this is a public Slack, you never know who could be reading what you write.
  2. This is an inclusive Slack, please refrain from using any kind of discrimination, hate speech, or the like. Use your discretion and heed Thumper’s advice: “if you don’t have something nice [or constructive] to say, don’t say anything at all.”
  3. Recruitment Policy: FRM is not a community designed for recruiter engagement. Formal recruitment behavior will not be tolerated and Admins uphold the right to moderate this activity.
  4. Soliciting or advertising is not permitted, with the exception of promoting your OWN work in the #shameless-plug channel.
  5. Please keep off topic banter in the #random channel.
  6. Asking for jobs or posting positions for hire is only permitted in the “Jobs & Job-Seekers” channels.
  7. Utilize specific channels for focused conversation. For example, do not self-promote your latest project or job in our Facebook Advertising channel. Use the self-promo channel to do this. All channels are subject-specific and moderators will be patrolling to keep it as such.
  8. This should be obvious, but do not post personal or confidential information on the FRM Slack channel. These channels are publicly accessible and FRM Slack channel owners and Analytive will not be held responsible for any confidentiality breaches by community members.
  9. Do not have private non-relevant conversations on public channels. Instead, if you meet a new friend on a public channel, take the conversation to a direct message and continue non-topic related conversations there.
  10. Should you agree to pay someone, work with someone, hire someone, or be hired by someone, those exchanges are between you and that person. FRM takes no responsibility for fraud or misrepresentation that may happen on our platform. Be sure the people you engage with are legitimate and you trust them.
  11. Moderators will be present throughout the channels to engage, spark conversation, and moderate.
  12. Moderators and Admins may, at their sole discretion, delete and remove  posts and ban FRM members for any reason.
  13. Do not share false or subjective information as fact. Subjective posts are permitted, but do not state something as a fact if it is not verifiable or just your opinion.
  14. Channel Owners uphold the right to change this Code of Conduct at any time to best suit the needs of the Front Range Marketers Slack channel.
  15. Above all else, engage with and learn from your fellow Colorado marketers! This space was created to build a strong marketing community within this beautiful state. Contribute, ask questions, share your expertise, network!