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Account Based Marketing changed B2B marketing. Now it’s available to everyone.

Reach only the people pre-qualified to buy.

Traditional marketing focuses on “audiences”. If you’re selling shoes to 18-25 year olds, this works great. But this doesn’t work in B2B marketing. You’ll waste most of your marketing dollars on people who will never buy.

With Account Based Marketing (ABM), we reach only the people who are qualified to buy. We don’t bother with “audiences”, but instead focus on specific accounts and individuals.

Analytive’s ABM program is called XABM.

XABM is a way to get your ads in front of key decision makers within prospective companies.

Rather than waiting on them to find you, we work to get in front of them consistently. This builds the brand and makes selling easier.

Why consider an XABM Campaign?

Deep Targeting = Reduced Waste

We can put our ads in front of people at specific companies – even down an individual at that company. Your competitors are using this type of targeting already, so why continue to waste money putting ads in front of people who will never buy?

Sales + Marketing

By deciding who you want to reach before you ever create a campaign, we are better able to create, optimize, and measure the success of our campaigns.

We create downloads, pages, ads, and videos that address specific needs within specific industries. By the time sales start engaging with the prospect, they are already familiar with your brand.

How is this different from traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing focuses on audience targeting. With XABM, we drill down to the company and individual level, working to serve ads, content, and engage with individuals via digital channels. We focus on a list of individuals to reach, not an “audience”.

How does ABM Work?

Today’s advertising tools allow us to reach almost anyone with the right message. We use the data collected by the advertising platforms, then match that data to individual users.

We can also target by position and company to ensure we’re reaching the key influencers within any given business.

What do you get with XABM?
  • Your brand in front of key decision makers
  • Reduced waste in ad spend
  • Sales and marketing alignment
  • Funnels optimized for your key prospects
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • A clear path to ROI

XABM gives you everything you need to reach, engage, and attract the right accounts to your business.

Traditional Marketing vs XABM

Inside our systems, we can reach nearly anyone at any level of an organization through account specific engagements.

Traditional funnels (left) put leads in the top and hope that they make it to the bottom.

ABM (right) flips the funnel on its head and focuses on key accounts. Then it expands into other decision makes and engages them with marketing and advertising.

Need to get in front of key decision makers at a large enterprise? We can help.

Want to develop a way to get your brand in front of key accounts prior to an event? We can do that.

Need to keep your company top-of-mind as your sales team works to close a deal? Piece of cake!

Need to ethically influence the buying committee after responding to an RFQ? We can do that too.

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What is your goal?

Instead of having a fragmented approach to marketing and sales, XABM unifies them to target key decision makers at your potential customers.

Drive Revenue Growth

We reach the people who can make decisions and have an impact on your business.

Unify Marketing and Sales

We develop strategies and metrics that allow sales and marketing to work together.

Ethically Steal Business from Competitors

We research who is using your competitors and reach them directly.

Get marketing and sales to work together.
Instead of a fragmented marketing and sales  approach, XABM works with marketing and sales to determine key accounts and put together a unified strategy to reach them throughout the sales pipelines process – from lead to close.
But it also does so much more than that. It’s your doorway to the offices, screens, and mailboxes for your key accounts – and your secret weapon for revenue growth.

XABM gives you everything you need to reach, engage, and attract the right accounts to your business.

How I Started on the ABM Journey

As I sat in the meeting, I literally had no idea how to answer the question my client just asked…..

I spent the first years of my career getting really good at traditional SEO (search engine optimization) and building marketing funnels for myself and my clients.
And we got very good at these tactics – growing traffic, rankings, and lead quality massively for our clients.
But we still bumped into a problem – only a small fraction of the leads we were getting actually converted in to actual sales.
And an even smaller percentage of those leads actually turned into the ideal clients – the ones who would pay tens of thousands of dollars or more a month for the service my client was offering.
We were filling the top of the funnel with a fire hose of traffic, but only a small trickling came out the bottom as revenue.

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Tyler Brooks – Digital Marketer and Founder at Analytive

And this isn’t uncommon. Forrester research suggests that only 1% of leads ever turn into revenue in most industrial and B2B organizations. 
That means you’ll need 100+ leads in order to really drive revenue.
And you need thousands of leads to potentially get the revenue that you need to grow and sustain your business.
Our clients had a close rate way better than 1%. But it still meant that we needed an exponentially larger number of leads in order to get the revenue we wanted.
Fast forward a couple months.
I was invited to an all hands meeting by one of my clients at a local hotel.
During a break as I talked with the manager, I told him that we really wanted to focus on getting more clients that paid the $10,000+ a month (the sweet spot for this particular company).
Then he asked me, “How do you plan to do that?”
To be honest, I was a bit stumped.
So far, we’d done inbound marketing and we’d done it well. They were getting leads and traffic.
Deals were closing. But a lot of them were small.
And when we got a big one, it seems a bit more like luck than anything else.
We had strategies in place to produce leads, but not quality leads.
At least not the right quality to grow the business 10x or even 2x over the next year.
For the rest of the day, I had no idea what the rest of the presenters even said. All I could think was There must be a better way to get leads in this space.”
Over the next several months, finding a solution became my obsession.
I had heard about ABM theoretically – but it mostly seemed like black-magic published by big advertising agencies to woo high paying customers – and not something most small businesses could do.
And I couldn’t find any examples of people doing it well.
But I had to find a solution. So I dug deeper.
And it turns out that ABM isn’t a software, a tool, or even a tactic.
It’s a mindset and a strategy.
Think about the original marketing funnel. We put hundreds of visits in the top and a few come out the bottom as customers.
Instead, we needed to turn this on its head. We needed to find the few accounts (companies) that needed our service, then connect with all the decision makers.
That’s all ABM is. It’s getting in front of the right people. But instead of just selecting a generic “audience” or demographic category, you actually find the names, titles, and companies.
It’s traditional targeting on a more micro scale.
We use the same tools, tactics, and techniques we use in traditional marketing.
The right marketing collateral still matters. The right message on the right medium is important.
But we’re just reaching the people we know can sign the contract or write the check.
And we now partner with the sales team to surround those people. Everywhere they look, they see your brand.
Now even if we only get 1% of our target accounts to close, we know that has a massive impact on revenue. Because they are the right type of clients.
And what if we can get 5%, 10%, or even 80%!? These are the type of clients that can grow a business massively.
And that’s how I personally got to ABM. I realized it’s one of the few ways that is likely to lead to the type of growth most B2B companies seek.
Sure, we should still do SEO and build traditional marketing funnels. Those still matter.
But ABM is how we reach the people who can change our business forever.
If you work in a business that is built on lead quality over lead quantity, and you’d like to get more quality leads, you should consider XABM.

What Should You Expect If You Fill Out the Form?

First, I’ll reach out to you and we’ll schedule a time to talk. I want to know about your business and your business goals.
I’d also like to know what marketing you’ve done in the past, what has worked and what hasn’t, and what kind of growth you’d like to see this coming year.
I imagine you’ll have some questions for me as well. Feel free to ask away!
Since our bandwidth is so limited (and you’ll often be working directly with me), we only take a handful of clients each year. I want to make sure we can give all our clients service we can be proud of.
We’ll then talk about the details of adding an ABM strategy to your business. We’ll get a proposal in your hands you can review within 48 hours.
Imagine…your dream clients open up their laptops or pull out there iPhone: and they see your ads, your content, and your brand.
It’s relevant. It’s engaging. And it makes them want to take action.
Imagine the conversations you can have, the leads you can close, and those invoices that they’ll pay once they know about you and the service you can provide to them.
That’s why I love ABM.
Hope to talk soon.
Your Favorite Marketer,
Tyler @ Analytive

Get Started with XABM:

Reach key accounts for your business. No expensive software licenses. Get your brand in front of decision makers at key companies. Provide value to them from day one.