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“I went to school for medicine, not for marketing!”

But you can learn the skills you need to grow your practice. We’re here to help.

Marketing an optometry practice in a competitive area can be hard. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and just stuck, we understand.

How do you compete against the major players? How do you build your brand and reputation in the community? How do you incentivise reviews?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this guide.

What’s in Your Guide:

  • How Visual Branding (logo, colors, and themes) fit into your Marketing Strategy
  • Why using the same strategies on Facebook and Google are hurting your marketing
  • An outline of the SEO strategy we use to consistently rank on the first page of Google (normally you’d need to pay $1,000 for access to our SEO course for this content!)
  • How to deal with negative reviews
  • How to build a brand in your community
  • Secrets to drive return visits
  • The differences between SEO, Paid Search, and Branding – simplified.

Your guide includes a full 26 pages (over 8,500 words!) of rich, actionable content to help you get a marketing strategy in place for your practice. This isn’t some marketing fluff with generic information. We give you the exact strategies to use to start marketing today.

Your Playbook to Growing Your Optometry Practice

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The Marketing Handbook for Optometrists

Do you ever wish there was a simple guide to tell you exactly what you should be doing to market your optometry practice?

Now there is.

About the Author

Analytive is a boutique marketing company based in Fort Collins, CO. It was founded by Tyler Brooks in 2013. Analytive currently works with startups, local small businesses, and medium sized corporations on marketing.

Services provided include:

  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Marketing Consulting
  • SEO Services
  • PPC and AdWords Strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy

We love helping companies grow. If you’ve struggled with growth and marketing in the past, please reach out to us.