Analytive Facebook Ads and Funnel Management for Your Business

Not everyone is on Facebook . . . but it’s getting close! In the U.S. alone:

About 68% of all adults are on Facebook.

About 3 in 4 of those adults visit Facebook every day.

One in every five minutes people spend on their mobile devices is on Facebook or Instagram.

A successful Facebook Ads campaign brings valuable customers to your business. We’re here to help you manage the entire process: creating ads people love to click, getting them in front of the right people for your business, and closing the loop on sales and conversions.

Facebook Ads lets you find the people who are ready to fall in love with your business.

If you’re a B2B company, you want to find the people who work in your industry. If you sell to consumers, you need to get the attention of the people who are most likely to buy. This part is huge.

For example, if you create software for small business owners… the only audience you care about reaching is small business owners.

If you sell college textbooks… you want to reach college students.

Why waste ad money on people who aren’t likely to care about your product or service?

We’ll find the right audience for your business.

Facebook’s targeting is powerful and specific. We’ll tailor the audience for your ads based on criteria like:

  • Location (country, region, state, town, neighborhood, or even an exact address)
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Languages spoken
  • Interests
  • Industry
  • Household income
  • Company size
  • Previous interactions with your business
  • Interest in your competitors

Facebook’s level of targeting is incredible. For example, we can build audiences based on criteria like “close friends of women with a birthday in 0-7 days” or “lives abroad” or “laser technician” or “systems architect.” We know the ins and outs of using these filters to find people who are a great match for your business.

We have the right experience to turn clicks into conversions.

Analytive will create custom Facebook Ads campaigns that work for your business. We’ll keep an eagle eye on your data and continually refine every step of the experience to deliver real results.

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, gain social media followers, build your email list, or bring in new sales, your campaign will match your specific business goals. No cookie-cutter ad strategies here.

Bring great customers back.

Smart retargeting can help you win repeat customers and warm up cold leads. We manage Facebook Ads retargeting campaigns that can help bring back people who have:

  • Visited your website
  • Used your mobile app
  • Interacted with your business Facebook page
  • …and more, depending on your goals.

How we’ve used Facebook ads:

We recently ran a targeted Facebook campaign to help Mixcademy, one of our clients, grow their email list and gain new leads.

Our campaign generated more than 2,500 email signups for Mixcademy, all at a cost of less than $1 per email.

We combined with an effective content marketing strategy (giving away a free segment of Mixcademy’s course content, then encouraging sales of the paid content) to build significant growth and revenue.

We’ve also used Facebook ads to grow companies in many major industry segments. Ready to grow? We’ll apply that same technology to create a well structured campaign that to drives leads, traffic, and conversions …

FAQs About Facebook Ads Management from Analytive

If you’re on the fence about whether Facebook Ads is a good strategy for your business, we’ve answered some common questions we get from our clients.

  • First of all, you don’t have to choose! We have extensive experience with both kinds of ad campaigns and can help you succeed on both platforms.

    But in general, Facebook differs from Google Ads in two ways:

    • More power to build the right audience. Facebook has a treasure trove of information about its users, and that can help you target the right job titles, interests, demographics, locations, and more.
    • Visibility on one of the Internet’s most popular platforms. One-fifth of all the time people spend on their mobile devices in the US is on Facebook or Instagram. That’s a huge audience and a huge opportunity!
  • You can really get your foot in the door for almost any budget, starting at just a few dollars a day or spending thousands. The hard part is knowing where to get started.

    In our experience, choosing the right budget is about maximizing your return on investment. Once we crack the code and figure out how to get your customers clicking and converting, we’ll scale up to the sweet spot that maximizes your ad spend and builds your bottom line.

    We’d be happy to put a custom proposal together for you, even if you’re just exploring your options. Get your proposal now.

  • Facebook has definitely faced some challenges in the past few years. But it still remains hugely popular, with a reach you won’t find from many other platforms. And remember that Facebook Ads also allows you to take advantage of advertising in Messenger, Instagram, and Facebook’s Audience Network, which places display ads (such as banner ads and streaming video ads) throughout the web.

  • You can definitely give it a go! Facebook has ad creation tools that walk you through the process.

    However, we’ve heard from DIY-ers (and see through our own work) that the process takes way longer than they predicted. There is definitely a learning curve involved. You’ll also have to create specific images in different sizes, your own ad copy (which is SUPER important), custom landing pages, and more — and then closely monitor campaign performance and know when to adjust and when to wait it out.

    As digital ad experts, we know firsthand the value we can bring to your Facebook Ads campaign. We use advanced settings to maximize value to you — rather than maximizing Facebook’s revenue, which is what their automatic setup wizards are designed to do.

Ready to find the right audience for your business
via a custom Facebook Ads campaign?