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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Ad Management for Your Business from Analytive

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is an amazing tool to boost your website traffic, win new customers, and make sales. It’s based on the radical idea that you should only pay for actual results.

Analytive’s PPC ad management services include:

  • Paid search campaigns that showcase your business at the top of related searches.
  • Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) campaigns for search, as well as ads placed across the web as banners, boxes, and more.
  • Social media ad campaigns, including Facebook Ads, that reach your current customers where they’re at and help you find your new favorite customers.
  • Remarketing campaigns to bring in repeat business and warm cold leads.
  • PPC audits that find the strengths and weaknesses in your current campaigns, giving you direction and confidence in your marketing.

If you’re interested in what a PPC campaign can do for your business, request a free quote. We’ll take a look at your current online presence and your goals to come up with ideas on how we can help build your business.

What is PPC advertising?

PPC, or pay-per-click, is online advertising where you pay a certain amount for each click on your ad. You probably see (and click on!) these ads all the time.

Some examples you’ve likely encountered in the wild:

  • A banner ad, pop-up image, or another display ad on a website you’re browsing
  • Sponsored search results that appear in Google
    Ads and sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms
  • Video ads that appear before or after streaming videos
  • Brands or products you’ve checked out previously “following” you around the web

(Not all digital advertising uses a PPC model. Some platforms also let you pay for impressions, which is how many times your ad appears to someone. Unpaid SEO and organic social media campaigns might also make up your overall digital marketing strategy.)

Why search ads should be part of your strategy:

When we do PPC management (especially in search), we have one big advantage. When someone searches for a product or service, they have a high intent to purchase soon. We’re catching them at a time when they are in the process of researching the exact product or service you offer!

So we know that when we get in front of people actually searching for our keywords, they are ready to buy. It’s our opportunity to reach the people we know are in the market for our product or service.

How cool is that?

Do pay-per-click ads still work?

You’ve probably heard some impressive figures thrown around about the power of PPC, such as how the average business brings in about $2 in revenue for every $1 it spends on Google Ads, or how search ads routinely boost brand awareness by 80% or more.

This translates into serious growth for most businesses.

For example, we worked with one of our clients, a top software development company in Colorado, to launch a PPC campaign that increased web traffic from PPC by 30% and resulted in impressive new leads from QualiTest Group, University of Michigan, Caliper Technologies, and more.

What makes a great PPC campaign?

We help businesses build PPC ad campaigns that not only deliver clicks but also focus on the goals that matter to your business. After all, if someone clicks on your ad and then clicks away… you’ve just paid for nothing.

We build our campaigns on the idea that you need to get the right click, then follow through with a great experience to close the deal. (Check out our PPC cheat sheet to learn more about our philosophy here.)

Great PPC campaigns are built with:

The Right Keywords

We do extensive keyword research for all of our search campaigns to find the search terms your business needs to be targeting.

The Right Targeting

We’ll get your ads to the people who are a good fit for your business with advanced targeting techniques and smart placement around the web.

The Right Content

While PPC campaigns let you pay by the click, don’t be fooled: you’re also getting your brand and messaging out in front of many other customers, too. We build ad content that gets clicked and makes a positive impression on those who don’t click… this time.

The Right Website Experience

What happens after someone clicks on your ad? You’re paying for that click. Make it count! A great experience on your landing page, or the right offer, is key to turning a casual visitor into your new customer.

So how do we get it right? We closely monitor your campaign performance and make changes all along the way. We take our obsession with analytics and put it to good use fine-tuning your PPC campaign.

PPC Advertising FAQs

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